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Join Us For Our Annual Spring Fundraiser

We are excited to announce that our annual spring fundraiser will be held next Thursday April 17th at Beggars Banquet from

5:00PM-7:30PM. We ask that students join us for the event as it is an amazing opportunity to network with political candidates, representatives, grass roots organizers and various other individuals dedicated to turning our state blue. As students ourselves we understand the struggles of finances and ask that rather than donating your money you donate your time with us at both the fundraiser and over the course of the upcoming campaign season.


All funds raised will aid us in our goal of registering students, walking for candidates across the state, attending conferences to expand our knowledge on how we as students can make a difference and providing students with exciting opportunities on and off campus.


Our Host Committee includes the Honorable Jim Ananich, the Honorable Rebecca Bahar-Cook and Mr. Todd Cook, the Honorable Ruth Beier, the Honorable Curtis Hertel Jr., the Honorable Sam Singh, the Honorable Nathan Triplett, the Honorable Angela Wilson, the Honorable Tom Cochran, the Honorable Andy Schor, the Honorable Dayne Walling, Ms. Patricia Hirsch and Mr. Stephen Wooden.


Please RSVP on Facebook.


Location: Beggar’s Banquet

281 Abbot Road

East Lansing, MI 48823


When: Thursday, April 17, 2014


LGBT People Deserve Same Rights

Letter to the editor published in the State News, written by our very own Vice President! Read it here:

It’s time to RAISE THE WAGE!

The MSU College Democrats and Graduate Employees Union – Michigan State University will be hosting an informative and training session on the Raise Michigan campaign!

Join us for a 30-minute presentation about raising Michigan’s minimum wage to $10.10 and how YOU can get involved!

Wednesday, March 26th
335B Case Hall

Contact with any questions

Mark Schauer’s Statement on Todays Gay Marriage Ruling

Today  a Michigan judge ruled that the states ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Our Democratic candidate for Governor Mark Schauer made a statement about the ruling at one point stating “This is a major victory for loving, committed couples across the state. While I know there are differing views on this issue, I firmly believe every Michigander deserves equal protection under the law, and today’s ruling reaffirms this fundamental American value.” You can view his full statement here.

2014/2015 Executive Board Election Information

Fellow MSU Dems–

Elections for our 2015 Executive Board are quickly approaching and will be held on Wednesday, March 26! According to our Constitution, in order to run, you must be nominated by a member in good standing (have attended or been excused from the last three consecutive meetings). To nominate someone, email Jill at by March 24.  The elected positions on the E-board are president, vice- president, secretary, and treasurer. All other positions (ie. communication directions) will be appointed at a later date by the president. See below for descriptions of each position.

Wishing you the best of luck!

Jill Pius

Descriptions of Each Position (taken from the MSU Dems Constitution)


Section 3

The President’s duties are as follows: act as the final and official representative and spokesperson to on and off campus organizations and to the media; execute and direct all mandates, policies, and directives of the Michigan State University College Democrats; moderate over or assign moderation of all official meetings; preside over all elections with the exception of elections for the office of the President; make nominations of additional Executive Board members in the Summer Semester; and make emergency and immediate decisions when it is not reasonably possible to contact Executive Board members.  The Executive Board reserves the right to assign additional duties.

Section 4

The Vice President’s duties are as follows: assume the office of the President upon absence, incapacitation, or vacancy of the position; coordinate all committees and receive regular reports; report the information in said reports to the membership on the status of committees in a timely fashion.  The Executive Board reserves the right to assign additional duties.

Section 5

The Secretary’s duties are as follows: be responsible for keeping minutes at all Executive Board and general assembly meetings and distributing said minutes via email and online to the Executive Board, and upon request to any general assembly member; distribute the agenda at all Executive Board and general assembly meetings; reserve rooms for all Executive Board and general assembly meetings; register the Michigan State University College Democrats with Student Services prior to the beginning of the Fall Semester; maintain a record of attendance at all Executive Board and general assembly meetings; preside over presidential elections; maintain a list of voting members of the Michigan State University College Democrats.  The Executive Board reserves the right to assign additional duties.

Section 6

The Treasurer’s duties are as follows: be granted signing power for all financial accounts and shall be responsible for maintenance of said accounts of the Michigan State University College Democrats.  Moreover, the Treasurer must keep an accurate record of all financial accounts and regularly provide general reports on the financial status of the organization.  Any item requiring the addition distribution of funds must be approved by the Executive Board.  The Executive Board reserves the right to assign additional duties.

Mia Mckenzie: Black Girl Dangerous

Finally, don’t miss the Mia Mckenzie: Black Girl Dangerous event hosted by the MSU Women’s Resource Center this Wednesday! The event will host Mia Mckenzie as she talks about her blog, Black Girl Dangerous, which focuses on queer and trans* people of color. The event is free and open to all!

Who’s Teaching Your Class?: The Shift Towards Relying on Graduate Students and Adjunct Professors to Teach, and MSU’s Bottom Line

Check out this event, hosted by fellow progressive student group MSU Students United. Looks interesting and definitely valuable for all students. Knowing who you’re being taught by is important. It makes you a better student, too! Plus, free pizza! See the event page for more details.

The Great Lakes Political Academy 3rd Cohort Application

Check this out! It’s a Michigan based program that provides in-depth training for campus leadership and campaign related jobs, and we’ve heard great things! #SpartansWill


Rape Insurance, WTF?

In December the Michigan Republicans passed a citizen-initiated bill, backed by Right to Life, that would require women to purchase extra insurance coverage in order to obtain an abortion–even if that pregnancy that was the result of a sexual assault. This type of legislation is a direct violation of women’s civil liberties and is a governmental stance in support of rape culture.

These actions are deplorable and we refuse to stand by and let this type of legislation regulate the female body. If you would like to learn more about the bill itself and what you can do to help change the situation for the millions of women across our state, join us as we host Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer and a representative from Planned Parenthood. They will be here to discuss the bill and answer any questions you may have

The event will be held at 7:00pm in room 339 Case Hall

If you would like to know more about the legislation prior to the event, please refer to these links

Michigan passes ‘rape insurance’ bill

Michigan ‘Rape Insurance’ Passes Into Law

Or RSVP to the event on Facebook!

Endorsement for Curtis Hertel Jr. For State Senate

The MSU College Democrats are proud to announce our endorsement of Curtis Hertel Jr. for State Senate for the 23rd District of the Michigan Senate. A Spartan alum and former MSU College Democrat, Curtis has proven to be one of our community’s greatest leaders. With nearly 300,000 college students in Michigan, Curtis understands the importance of restoring investment in higher education and tackling rising tuition costs. Lansing desperately needs experienced and committed leaders who will fight for Michigan’s success. We have full confidence in Curtis as our next State Senator. We’re excited for Curtis’ campaign and we’re very proud to make him our Democrat of the Week!

Democrat of the Week, Curtis Hertel Jr. who is running for State Senate in the 23rd district.

Democrat of the Week, Curtis Hertel Jr. who is running for State Senate in the 23rd district.